Project Description

ITW Hi-Cone

Interflow were invited to survey the production facility at Hi-Cone, Mallow, Cork. The scope of the project was to uninstall two separate extrusion lines, a further three second stage production lines, and associated service equipment. All of this equipment was to be transported to the Hi-Cone Production Facility in Spain where it would be reinstalled and commissioned.


Client:          Hi-Cone, Mallow, Cork


Interflow took full control of the project and gained a full understanding of all the equipment and how each component was integrated at the Plant in Cork. This understanding was extended to know what the Clients requirements were in terms of timing and the reinstalled configuration in Spain. This knowledge allowed the equipment to be reconfigured to suit the production facility in Spain. The equipment was disconnected mechanically and electrically. It was then moved out of the production area where it was crated and then loaded onto the most suitable transport option using the most suitable lifting solutions.

In Spain the offloading and positioning of the equipment was controlled and managed by Interflow. For the project every assistance was given to the Client to ensure that the best choices were made in terms of the installation and the timeline for completion. The equipment was installed and connected in a new format to suit the Clients requirements. Interflow Engineers worked with ITW mechanical and electrical contractors to ensure that the equipment was connected correctly to the Plant’s facilities. On completion of the installation the production lines were then commissioned. All functions were tested and adjustments and corrections were made where necessary. Following a final series of successful production runs the project was considered complete.